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From Public to Private Security: The Tools of the Trade

It is possible for an individual to work in both public and private security. Public security refers to security services provided by government agencies, such as police and military forces, while private security refers to security services provided by non-government organizations, such as security companies and private security firms.

Individuals with experience and training in public security, such as former police officers or military personnel, may find employment in the private security sector, often bringing transferable skills and knowledge from their previous roles. In addition, many individuals start their careers in private security and may choose to transition to public security later on.

The type of training and qualifications required for each type of security can vary depending on the country and specific role. In general, public security roles may require more extensive training and qualifications, as well as a rigorous background check, while private security roles may have more flexible requirements.

It is important to note that different roles within public and private security may have different duties and responsibilities, which also might require different levels of knowledge and skills.

It’s not necessarily required or preferred to have experience in public security in order to apply for a job in the private sector, but it can be an advantage. Having experience in public security can demonstrate that an individual has the necessary training and qualifications, as well as the experience, to work in the security field. Additionally, individuals with experience in public security may have transferable skills, such as knowledge of security protocols and procedures, that can be valuable in a private security setting.

Some private security companies may specifically seek out candidates with public security experience, as they may have experience working in high-pressure or high-risk situations, which can be beneficial for certain roles such as providing close protection to VIPs, for example.

However, other private companies or organizations, depending on the job, might prefer candidates with different backgrounds, like the management of security systems, for example.

Overall, it can be helpful to have experience in both public and private security, as it can provide a well-rounded skill set and greater flexibility in finding employment opportunities.

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