Echelon’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Policy

Echelon’s Environmental Social Governance

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Echelon understands that change remains an ever present constant in life. While providing the proper solutions for our clients, we will continually strive to leave a positive legacy for all members of society. When guided accordingly, change can lead to positive life and community transformation. To guide this transformation, Echelon will embrace the role of protagonist in building a better world.

For this purpose, Echelon recognizes our role in supporting the transition to a more sustainable world, integrating the environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) aspects into our business model, services, and in our market operations. As a corporation serving the needs of our communities, we know that this is a journey. We look forward to this sojourn, one that we will endeavor upon with our leadership, employees, clients, partners, and the market.

To this end, Echelon will employ capital and emotional investment to generate value for society and promote the common preservation of human dignity and environmental integrity. During this journey, Echelon will actively promote knowledge, engagement, and development of effective solutions so that our ESG agenda remains at heart of our business model and the core of our decision-making process.

Purpose – Echelon’s ESG Policy anchors our central principles to the establishment of Social and Environmental Responsibilities. Specifically, our policy will serve to advise all our activities, business and otherwise, as well as provide a framework with which to manage our relationships with stakeholders and the communities we serve. Moreover, this establishment addresses Echelon’s management of social and environmental engagements, such as future business opportunities, and will aim to prevent negative social and environmental impact in our service areas. 

Echelon’s Tenets

  1. We will promote education and training for the purpose of creating a diverse and inviting space for all audiences with whom we relate. 
  2. We will focus on human rights, repudiating any practice that deprives the minimum rights of each individual, including, but not limited to, any discriminatory act.
  3. We will strive for corporate governance to perform best market practices while maintaining our teams-based entrepreneurial culture. 
  4. We will embrace social and environmental responsibility in our institution’s activities and operations.
  5. We will aim for environmental preservation and recovery, seeking to minimize negative impacts.

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